When it comes to deciding if you need life insurance, it’s good to think about how you and your family would cope with expenses such as mortgage repayments, household running costs and medical bills if something was to happen to you.  Choosing the cover that is right for both you and your family’s needs can provide a real lifeline in these circumstances.
If you have money in a superannuation account this is generally paid out to your nominated beneficiaries, or your estate, on your death. For many people, however, the amount of super they have would not be sufficient to provide for their family in the event of their premature death. Having life insurance in addition to super is a way of ensuring adequate protection for your loved ones.
Reward Insurance is a trading name of Freedom Insurance Pty Ltd. Freedom Insurance holds an Australian Financial Services Licence which authorises it to distribute life insurance products such as the Reward Protection Plan. Freedom Insurance has been operating since October, 2010.
Reward Protection Plan is underwritten/issued by NobleOak Life Limited.
NobleOak Life Limited is an APRA regulated life insurer that has been operating in Australia for over 135 years.
NobleOak Life Limited is responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of the Reward Protection Plan including the payment of benefits. For information on how to make a claim, refer to the Claims page
You can still apply to increase or decrease your benefit amount on any life insured at any time. Any increase will however be subject to approval by the Insurer who may require the life insured to undertake an underwriting process to help them decide whether to approve the increase. You can change your beneficiaries, update your contact or payment details or advise us of any other changes simply by calling us 1300 13 13 20. You will not, however, be able to add any new life insureds to your policy.
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